Saturday, March 22, 2008

FREE 15: Lady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex by Nancy Lindquist

Lady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex
by Nancy Lindquist
List Price: $11.50
Published in 2008
ISBN-10: 1-59998-758-9

This book will be released on April 29, 2008. That's right guys, this is hot off the press! And signed. Even better, this is one of those books which will make your husband happy you read. I know mine gets very happy when I pick up books along these lines.

Check out Nancy's other books and you'll see just how exciting this book will be.

What amazon said:
What does a girl do when she catches her fiance in her bed with a hooker? Start over this time with her eyes wide open. Lisa Simpkins is newly single. Catching your fiance being sodomized by a hooker can do that to a relationship. Unfortunately for Lisa, this mess put a huge kink in her carefully orchestrated life plan. Good thing her best friend, Gina, can talk Lisa into anything, including a makeover complete with sex toys and a collection of highly erotic DVDs. Gina's determined to bring out Lisa's inner wild woman. Even if that wild woman comes along kicking and screaming. Imagine Gina's glee when they run into Matt Richards, the oh-so-hot junior partner who stars in Lisa's torrid fantasies. The mission is clear. Get Matt to teach Lisa all about sex. Lisa's not sure about Gina's plan, but the man is gorgeous, smart and funny.

Will Matt conquer Lisa's fear of falling in love again or will their tryst end when Matt teaches Lisa everything he knows? Warning, this book contains lots of explicit sex, graphically told. Arent you glad?

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