Sunday, March 2, 2008

Winner: High-Society Mistress by Katherine Garbera

High-Society Mistress (Silhouette Desire)
by Katherine Garbera
Mass Market Paperback
Published in 2007
Condition: Like New

I actually wrote the three commenter's name in a post-it notes fold it twice, put it in a cup, and let my baby picked up the winner. So, VK of Mahalkaayo won this book. VK, e-mail me so I can mail this book to you!

Come on guys, leave comments on the FREE book post and win.


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  2. diay, lisod namo diri ngita books, na ja, ok na kay i-order man namo sa book store diri or via internet.

    basta english books...........

    tanan diri gamit, german, bisan unsa, bisan made outside pa, german gamit,.

    hear n read english mi, here in internet.
    or sa big cities or near with universities nga daghan foreigner student...

    pero diri sa ambot lang....

    speak ka english diri, ingnon ka, you are leaving in germany,...speak german.....

    thanks kaayo ha?

  3. sus ganiha pa ko diri, sigi error....

    shos, daghan kaayo salamat...
    i can kiss your kid for getting my name.....hugssss
    kissssss, and kissss sa iyaha.

    really, i am very happy to have this book....thank you, thank you.....

    sigi, dia ra ako adres....diri na lang nako ibutang ha?

    [edit for security]

    thanks kaayo, midas, i will read this, kay mora ug nindot kaayo ni siya.

    million thanks