Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About Free #12

  1. Free 12: The Secretary's Secret by Michelle Celmer

I had thought I have two copies of this book. Turned out that I was just really sleepy when I posted this one, again.

I am offering a subsitute.

Instead of the title above, this will be the book that will be mailed:
Executive Seduction (Silhouette Desire)
by Kristi Gold
Mass Market Paperback
Condition: Used, good.

Book snippet:
T.V. Chef Corri Harris wasn't surprised to receive the "Dear Corri" letter from her fiancé Kevin O'Brien, but she was furious with his timing (ten minutes before live air) and his method. Corri knew her job was doomed, when her temper got the better of her near the end of the show, and she demonstrated her skill with a knife and a cucumber and announced to her audience that she'd been dumped. When station owner, Aidan O'Brien reads the letter he fully understands Corri's anger but he isn't sorry about the breakup. Though he'd been in a relationship at the time, he's always regretted introducing Corri to his brother, Kevin, and now that they are no longer a couple and he is free, it means he has a shot with Corri. Only Corri doesn't yet know the big networks are wooing her, and that's why Aidan keeps things between them no-strings-attached. It seems that it's always bad timing keeping them apart.


  1. So far, these people how put their names for this title and I'm putting their names here for the replacement book.

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  2. I will have drawings very soon...Will post it same day as other books I'm putting up.

  3. Please enter me as well! Thanks :)