Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FREE 3: High-Society Mistress by Katherine Garbera

High-Society Mistress (Silhouette Desire)
by Katherine Garbera
Mass Market Paperback
Published in 2007
Condition: Like New

I am giving away this book by Silhouette Desire line. It's my favorite line of romance when I was a teenager. I still buy them and hoard them. Noticed that I said hoard, because last year, I actually end up with over 200 of it. I just moved to a new house 6 months ago, and most of the books are in storage. Check out the author site above...she writes good stories.

From the author's site:

Flatly refused a promotion by her tycoon father, heiress Tempest Lambert offered her services to his worst enemy. But was it the job she wanted, or just her new boss, the devastatingly handsome Gavin Renard?

He'd made millions as a corporate raider, but taking over the Lambert's retail conglomerate wasn't about business-Gavin wanted revenge. Using Tempest as a pawn in his takeover game was a possibility. Making her his mistress-that was an offer he couldn't refuse.

THE MISTRESSES: Wealthy men want them...and their price is love!


  1. I would like this book as well! I will do some advertising to spread the word! :)

  2. alam mo, yon family name nya is lambert.....kasing pareho sa amin...

    lamberz....kaya i have to be careful sa family name ko the way it spells....z instead of t......

    gusto kong basahin itong books na ito ,Midas....

    maganda siguro ito......

    gusto ko, yon kung available pa.