Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My dearest Stomach,

Do you know that I like to blog? Do you also know that I like to surf the net, read my book, and sit on the couch and watch TV while breastfeeding my baby?

Do you noticed that I did not have on my lists of "likes" eating? It's because I always overeat when I am pregnant, and now I need to lose the fats I've accumulated in the name of pregnancy and anything goes in my mouth.

So, I ate a bowl of cereal this morning. Why do you give me a headache at 12:21? It's only been four hours. I get dizzy too. Why do I always have to feed you lots of food? 15 years ago, you're doing just find with two meals a day because I always forgot to eat. Remember?

Oh right. Sure I have tummy aches from ulcer, but I hardly ever get headaches.

I am just wondering if you could give me a break. Just a little break. In return, I will eat when it's meal time, and try not to overeat because you might get used to that again.

The Body

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