Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sloane Monroe Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)
[Kindle Edition]

Available for free right now, May 27, 2012 at Amazon. Click here
I have not read these books, but I have downloaded my copies already. I'm always excited to find new books. Actually, the appropriate word might be giddy. These collection are the three volumes of Cheryl Bradshaw's Sloane Diamond series. The books in these collection are:

Black Diamond Death
I Have A Secret

All yours for free now if you go and download it from here. Amazon rated this series 4.5 stars. That's a good start of endorsement. Download you copies today and start leaving your reviews on amazon.

About the author from her official website:
Born and raised in Southern California, Cheryl Bradshaw became interested in writing at a young age, but it was almost two decades before she put pen to paper. In 2009 Cheryl wrote her first novel, Black Diamond Death (the first book in her Sloane Monroe series). Within six weeks of its release it was in the top #100 in two different mystery categories on the Kindle and has been a top ranked novel since April 2011 averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars from reviewers. 
Cheryl's second novel, Sinnerman, made its debut in September 2011 and entered the top #100 list in mystery: hard boiled and mystery: police procedurals within 16 days of being released on Amazon Kindle.  She is currently hard at work on the third novel in the series, I Have a Secret, which Bradshaw plans to release in Spring 2012.  
When she's not hard at work writing her next novel, Cheryl is an avid reader and loves to travel.  "Every place I visit offers inspiration in one form or another which I draw from when I'm writing.  I chose Park City as Sloane's humble abode because I lived there and have a fondness for the quaint little town which I visit often." 


  1. well thank you kindly for that tip. I've just downloaded them to my kindle and will look forward to reading! :)

    1. Enjoy! I just get excited over free books.