Monday, May 28, 2012

Barefoot in the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire

Barefoot in The Sand
Roxanne St. Claire
Grand Central Publishing
399 pages
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About this book from GoodReads:
When all you hold dear is taken away . . . 
When a hurricane roars through Lacey Armstrong's home on the coast of Barefoot Bay, she decides all that remains in the rubble is opportunity. A new hotel is just what Mimosa Key needs, and Lacey and her teenage daughter are due for a fresh start. And nothing, especially not a hot, younger architect, is going to distract Lacey from finally making her dreams a reality. 
A second chance is the only thing you have left.
Love has already cost Clay Walker everything. And if he's going to have any chance of picking up the pieces of his life, he needs the job as Lacey Armstrong's architect. What's not in the plans is falling for the headstrong beauty. Her vision of the future is more appealing than anything he could have ever drafted for himself. Will Clay's designs on Lacey's heart be more than she can handle, or will she trust him to build something that will last forever?

My Take:
When you're cowering in a metal bathtub and a piece of mattress is what's keeping you from certain death, everything is distilled to what is most important in life. That's what happened to Lacey Armstrong when a came and took everything away. Well, almost everything. She still has Ashley, her daughter.  If she's going to start building her dream, she wants the best. Hence, the call to the famous architect builder, Clay Walker. 

However, when she saw him, he's this young, hot dude. She wanted the gray-haired older man whom she equates with respectability and responsibility. Clay had to work hard to convince Lacey to let him help her build her dream. They are attracted to each other, and who wouldn't be? I like Clay's don't let anything stand in your way. He's positive and a fighter.

Just when it looks like Lacey and Clay might have a good chance for a beautiful future, Ashley's estranged father show up and made everything interesting. Especially since Ashley is rooting for her Mom and Dad to get their happily-ever-after. I like the things I learned from this book. Mainly, how much paperwork is involve in erecting a building. It's very educational. 

I give this book a rating of 4-Stars. I recommend this for beach reading. Pack it with your stuff. It's entertaining. Thanks Antoine for my ARC.

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