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This is the second book of The Scoundrel of St. James series.

1. In Bed with the Devil

2. Between the Devil and Desire

3. Surrender to the Devil

This series is about Faegan’s group of thieves who grew up to be better citizens. Luke in In Bed with the Devil happened to be the long lost heir to an earldom.

In the second book, Between the Devil and Desire, Jack Dodger met the widowed Duchess when he was charged with being a guardian to the young Duke. If you’re familiar with Dicken’s book, or have watched OLIVER! the movie, then the names of these gang will sound familiar to you. I half expected someone to say, “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

I enjoyed the story. I like the way it progresses, but sometimes, I just get very jaded how someone almost always is related to some nobility or the other. I recommend this book. It’s a fun fast read. This is not my most favorite of Lorraine Heath’s series, because that would be Rogues and Roses and Daughter’s of Fortune. Have you read any Lorraine Heath? Which one is your favorite?


My Thursday Thirteen today is about this novel.

by Ian Mcewan, more of his other books here.

1. This was a major motion picture starring James McAvoy and Keira Knightley.

2. It was very good.

3. I’m wondering if you have seen this one. If not, you can borrow the movie or

4. You can win this book. It’s used, but still in good condition.

5. Just mention in your comments if you’d like a chance to win this copy.

6. I’ll mail worldwide, but I have a few packages returned to me from the Philippines. I will not re-mailed when a package is returned because it cost about 9 dollars to ship a book. :)

8. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but here’s a list of videos you can check: one, two 

Now, for a few random sentences from the book:

9. Cecilia knew she could not go on wasting her days in the stews of her untidied room, lying on her bed in a haze of smoke, chin propped on her hand, pins and needles spreading up through her arm as she read her way through Richardson’s Clarrisa.

10. Watching him during the first several minutes of his delivery, Cecilia felt a pleasant sinking sensation in her stomach as she contemplated how deliciously self-destructive it would be, almost erotic, to be married to a man so nearly handsome, so hugely rich, so unfathomably stupid.

11. At last her rose, half dressed and went into his study and sat at his typewriter, wondering what kind of letter he should write to her.

12. It was eerie that the man had not shouted for help, or pleaded, or protested his innocense.

13. The problem these fifty-nine years has been this: how can a novelist achive atonement when, with her absolute power of deciding outcomes, she is God?

Congratulations to our winners of previous Thursday Thirteen peeks:

1. Lorraine Heath’s Just Wicked Enough: Cheryl C.
2. Lorraine Heath’s In Bed With a Devil: Carrie J
3. Joanna Hershon’s Swimming: Carmen T.

Please contact me with your mailing address so I can send your book.

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My T13 is all about Lorraine Heath’s In Bed with The Devil. I’ll post 13 random sentences from the book. See the trailer here. This copy is a new book I bought from the Romance Writer’s Signing in San Francisco. That was a fun, fun trip.

1. He saw tears brimming in her eyes.
2. He snapped his gaze to hers.
3. She was incredibly exhausted.
4. “Your hand.”
5. Luke shook his head.
6. Perhaps, he would call her bluff.
7. “What was she wearing?”
8. The seal was broken.
9. The boy nodded.
10. “I’m afraid not.”
11. Her lungs hurt.
12. “What are you doing?”
13. Jack scoffed.

There you have it, 13 random sentences from this exciting Book 1 in the Scoundrels of St. James Series. Book 2, Between the Devil and Desire is coming on December 30.


Thirteen things about the author and the book I just finished reading.

1.  I love the cover. Although I’m not usually a cover person, I appreciate a good one.
2. Just Wicked Enough is written by Lorraine Heath.
3. I love the previous book on this series, A Duke of Her Own.
4. I like the way she writes loves story.
5. As trite as it may sound, they speak to me.
6. They break my heart and then make it whole again with her happy ending.
7. I can actually read 15 of her books in a row and not get sick of reading her stories.
8. I did in fact do that when I found out she has books I had missed after reading Love with a Scandalous Lord.
9. I bought her books that I could find.
10. The ones I couldn’t, I paid exorbitant amount at auctions just so I can read it.
11. Just Wicked Enough is no different.
12. For a man who auctioned his title to the highest bidder, I still like Michael Tremayne, the hero.
13. For a girl that’s spoiled because she grew up rich as can be, she’s a perfect match for Michael.

I can’t wait to read Jenny and Jeremy’s story.


Texas Destiny (Topaz Historical Romance)
by Lorraine Heath
Published in 1997
Buy it Here

I love this book. It made me cry, which for me, means it’s an excellent story. Some romances are good story, but they never made me cry. So, if a story can break my heart, I’m bound to read it again.

Amelia is a mail-order bride. She’s supposed to be Dallas’s wife. Fate have a different idea. When Houston, the younger brother, went to pick up Amelia from the train, they fall in love.