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Thank you guys for playing. I hope you keep coming back and bring some friends with you. I am going to SF RWA signing. I can’t wait to get some goodies for you. Do let me know which authors signature you’ve got a hankering for. I can’t promise to get it, but sometimes, you just don’t know about these things.

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We have our 30th winner. This person just goes by the name of ‘r‘. “R” please contact me with your name and mailing address and I’ll have this book sent out to you. I hope you still come by and check…I have no way of contacting you. I’ll wait a week to hear from you, then I’ll pick an alternate winner because I get antsy and itsy just waiting to send the book out. :)

I am loving It doesn’t quarrel and ran away with my winning number. It doesn’t get mad and demand that I give chocolates if I want to see the paper with the number on it.


Actually, we love drawing the winner the old-fashioned way. I finally had some backgammon chips numbered by however many comments a post have. The glitch is we cannot find the chips anywhere. I am sure my 2-years old kept them safe for me. He just couldn’t remember exactly where the safe place is.

Don’t forget about The Next-Book for Free contest. Drawing is in two days. It will be random, and I’d probably let one of my children draw the winner from a jar of numbers. It’s more exciting.



Murphy’s Law
by Lori Foster
Published in 2006

Carrie (DumSpiroSpero) again! This also is a book I haven’t read for a while but liked a lot. It was pretty sexy from what I remember. I’ve got some other books to add but there’s a pretty big list so far so I’ll hold onto them for the future!Reader review from

Quinton Murphy knows what he likes and what he likes is Ashley Miles, May’s best friend. But Ashley is willful, stubborn and has a plan for her life. She works hard and he knows he doesn’t factor into her future. Good thing he’s as stubborn as she is because he wants her in his life and he is going to make her realize that she can have her future and he can be a part of it. But he’s not counting on how protective she is going to be of her heart. He knows she is hiding something from him and he will do what he must to find out what it is…he doesn’t scare easily and Ashley is worth it.

Ms. Foster has done it again! This is a wonderfully sexy read that long time fans and new fans alike will love. We met Quinton and Ashley in “Jude’s Law” and I was thrilled to find out she was going to give these two special characters their own story. The pages sizzle with their sexy chemistry and when combined with the fast-paced storyline, readers will be well entertained. I truly believe Ms. Foster is incapable of penning a dull story!