Posts Tagged 'Faye Kellerman' spit out these numbers in order. Our winners for Bundle 1: Three Books are:

A Painted House by John Grisham – April (Lady_Wer…)

No Other Love by Candace Camp – Estella (kissi…)

Double Homicide – gautami.tripathy (gautami.tripathy…)

Congratulations! Please contact me with your mailing address so I can send your books out. Stay tune for more books! Summer is very busy for me. All five kids are home, and I had to sneak blog between activities. There are so many. I blog when they’re watching TV, but it’s not that often. BTW, if you have a review of the book you won here, send me your link and I’ll link to your review.

Have you got any travelling plans for the summer?

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I wanted to announce our winner for FREE 39: Stone Kiss by Faye Kellerman . I went to and got #4. The winner is Christy H. Congratulations! Please Contact me with your name and address so I can mail this book out to you. For more books about Faye Kellerman visit her website.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t win this time around. Keep coming for more drawings. To see more winner, check out our Winners Circle, for more free books, click this available books, and for more chances of winning, read extra chances.

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Just to have something different, I decided to post three books at once. I’ll have it under ‘Bundle’ drawings where there’s more than one books and more than one winner. When I go to, I’ll ask for 3 random numbers from the poll of comments and the winner will get one of the books 3 books.

You can mention which book you’d like to get, and if there’s more than one person wanting that book, it will go with what number comes first.

You can increase your chances of winning by having a creative comment. I leave that to you. Bring some people along so you can leave more comments, increasing your chances of winning. Let’s just have some fun over this one. You can blog about this one, and that is an extra entry. Make sure to leave the specific link in the comments.

Btw, stay-tuned for the next post where you leave me your blog link that carries my button. I got plans for you button-hanging friends of mine. :P

The three books in this bundle are:

1. A Painted House by John Grisham (paperback, good condition, 465 pages)

2. No Other Love by Candace Camp (paperback, good condition, 411 pages)

3. Double Homicide by Jonathan Kellerman and Faye Kellerman (paperback, good condition, 296 pages)

Don’t forget to check other available book here or (♥ available books ). Now, you can have more than one chance of winning. Check out how here.

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Stone Kiss
by Faye Kellerman
Mass Market Paperback
Published in 2003
ISBN-10: 0-446-61147-6 (0446611476)

It’s really strange, but I’ve faithfully read Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware. Since I picked the first book called Silent Partner, he’s been on my autobuy ever since. His wife is a writer too, but I have not read a single one of her book just yet. I however, faithfully buy her book every time I see it on garage sale or library sale, and I think I have almost her complete book- right now it’s moldering in storage. Uh, I really hope not.

So, if you haven’t tried Faye Kellerman before, here’s your chance. Check out all her books and info at her website. This is where you can find her complete book list. Actually, I did recently listened to Double Homicide, a book written with her husband. In fact, I like the Homicide Boston part better, and it was written by her. Stay tuned btw, I’ll be posting that book soon. Check out her FAQ page. Her son also wrote novels. Amazing huh?
Family business can be deadly, as Peter Decker discovers in Kellerman’s latest thriller starring the L.A. police lieutenant and his wife, Rina Lazarus. Decker’s half-brother Jonathan, a New York rabbi, asks for help when his wife’s brother Ephraim Leiber is slain execution-style in a seedy New York hotel room, and the victim’s teenage niece Shayndie, who may have witnessed her uncle’s murder, disappears.

But it soon becomes apparent that not everyone is as eager for Decker’s assistance as Jonathan–not the New York City cops, not the missing girl’s parents, and not the police chief in the upstate town of Quinton, where the Liebers live in a tightly knit Orthodox Jewish enclave. Despite these roadblocks, the ever resourceful Decker manages to locate Shayndie in the last place one might expect to find a devout, gently raised 15-year old girl–the heavily guarded Manhattan apartment of Chris Donatti, a Mob-connected criminal with whom Peter has a complicated history. But when Shayndie runs away from Donatti’s loft and turns up dead a few days later, Decker’s search for her killer uncovers a deadly family secret that puts his life–and Rina’s–in jeopardy.

As usual in this outstanding series, Kellerman’s pacing is flawless, her plotting ingenious, and her deep understanding of human nature reconfirmed. –Jane Adams

Hee, after reading that description, I feel like I should start reading it now, if it weren’t for the 20 books I’m currently reading simultaneously. I don’t think I should add another because I might forget what’s going on where.