Do I Get Paid for This?

No, I don’t. I like getting the books though. I read them and enjoy them and then I have a giveaway. I like it that way. It’s more fun for me. And I hope that you also enjoy coming back and playing to win any of the books currently offered.

Why This Book For Free?
My husband. Without him, as cliched as that sound, there would be no site like this for me. He knows I love to share my books, and he thought I should give this a try. That’s the long and short of it.

*Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lives in a small city in the Philippines. Her mother bought her a book about ants, and so begun her lifelong affair with books. Her mother did not know that with that one book, she had found one of her child’s true loves.

When that little girl finally went to school, her teacher found out that she loves reading story more than anything else. They have language arts books with short stories. Mrs. Soquinyo, her first grade teacher, discovered how fast this little girl finishes that particular textbook. Soon, she started borrowing other grades language arts books. At the end of first grade, that little girl have read the language arts books (the story parts of the book) all the way to 10th grade book. That’s how I begin my neverending love affiar with books.

Thanks to the generosity of publishers and authors, I get to have giveaways of new releases. It’s an honor and a fun one at that.