Backstage Pass: The Sinners on Tour
by Olivia Cunning
ISBN-10: 1402244428

This is an erotic romance book. Before I started reading these genre or is it sub-genre, I thought it’s a book full of sex, sex, sex. I was pleasantly surprised when I read one and found out that, yes, it contained many sex scenes. However, that is not all of it. There is a wonderful story of a relationship that’s forming, and growing. It’s still essentially a story about two people connecting. Only they are much more sexually adventurous and the author is not shy about writing the scenes out.

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning is a scorching book. It’s also a good love story between Brian Sinclair, an awesome songwriter and guitarist, and Myrna Evans, a college professor with a secret. I think this book would have sent my childhood preacher into cardiac arrest. Not because he doesn’t know anything about sex, but because of how explicit it is.

I enjoyed reading this book. I think my husband enjoyed that I read this book, too. I highly recommend it even if you erotic romance is not your genre. This is one of a kind.

Thanks to Danielle of Sourcebooks for my review copy.

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