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Winners! Winners! Winners!

Jul 16, 2008 Author: ♥Shoshana | Filed under: Winners Circle

Summer’s so busy, it’s tough to find time to sit on my computer. Also my baby is quite clingy all of a sudden. Most days, I have only time to hold and play with him, plus the other 4 kids. I’ve driven so many times to their extra-curricular activities…it looks like I’m making 4 round trips a day, 5 days a week, making it 20 roundtrips a week. That doesn’t even include maintaining my house and business, too. Thank goodness to my mother for visiting often so I can veg out in front of my computer.

I’ve decided to draw five winners from my numbered free books right now. So, look for your name and e-mail me your shipping address along with the book you won so I know which one to send.

Winner 48: The Face of Deception by Iris Johansen
Congratulations to Teresa W.

Winner 49: The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran
Congratulations to Sandy (Strlady)

Winner 50: Good Grief by Lolly Winston
Congratulations to Alessandra

Winner 51: Flirting With Danger by Suzanne Enoch
Congratulations to The Book Muncher

Winner 52: Boss Man by Diana Palmer
Congratulations to Carrie J

I want to thank you guys for playing. I have more books going up. Please watch out for the post coming up. I will have a signed Susan Elizabeth Phillips book. The book that started the Chicago Stars series. I promise you, you’ll fall in love with Phoebe Somerville & Dan Calebow. This is a new release copy of this book and it’s signed to TBFF winner. Watch out for Mr. Linky post coming up (assuming I can figure out Mr. Linky code). I have something special for those who hanged my button on their site. If you don’t have a site, don’t worry. Just mention my site to your bulletin board, and link that site to Mr. Linky and that will get you an entry too.

FREE 51: Flirting With Danger by Suzanne Enoch

Jun 12, 2008 Author: ♥Shoshana | Filed under: Free Book

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Flirting With Danger
by Suzanne Enoch
Mass Market Paperback
Published in 2005
ISBN-10: 0-06-059363-6
347 pages

Don’t forget to check other available book here or (♥ available books ). Now, you can have more than one chance of winning. Check out how here.

This is one of my TBR books that I haven’t gotten around to reading just yet. Now, you can read it for me instead. :)

Product Description from Amazon.com

In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she’s no murderer and the millionaire who loves her.

Samantha Jellicoe is a thief and proud of it. Raised to appreciate the finer things in life, Sam has no trouble divesting the wealthy of their treasures. This all changed, however, the night she attempts to steal a valuable item from a Palm Beach estate. Before she knew what hit her, a bomb goes off, a guard is killed, and Sam ends up saving millionaire Richard Addison. She’s a good thief and will own up to her jobs, but if anyone thinks to tie her to murder, they better think again.

On any other night, having a one hundred plus pounds of female fling herself at you is a good thing. But on this particular night, Richard Addison is mad as hell. Not only did he just have his gallery blown up-with him about to enter it-but the woman who rescued him didn’t stick around to offer any explanations. When the dust settles, Rick knows the only person with answers to his questions is the mystery woman. And if she thinks she can hide from him, she better think again.

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