How to Play

There’s always a “How To”. Mine is pretty easy.

There are several free books posted at a time. They’re marked as both ‘free books’ and ‘available books.’ Unless marked, then, they’re just reviews about books.

To find out for sure which books are still available, click on ♥ available books.

Free Books post are mixed with reviews of books I have read, and ocassional post about hobbies too.

Check the winner’s circle categories on the sidebar for books already won. This is just in case I had forgotten to update the post. If the book is in the winner’s circle, it’s no longer available. Check out the tags on the sidebar. These are the author’s already won. There might be more available from that author, but that’s how you find out which books have been won. Really, if you can tell me what the tag is for, I’d be grateful. There’s so many things I have yet to figure out in this blogging thingy.

Here’s how to play:

Leave a comment on the book you want to win.

For extra chances of winning, write a post about the book you want, mentioning the specific post you’re interested in.

Check here for extra chances of winning.

When you’re finished, leave the your blog post link in the comment, and that will get your 1 more entry.


When your name is drawn, contact me. Check regularly, or subscribe to my feed so you can be updated on drawing day.

I will wait 1 week from the date of winning to hear from you, after that, I will draw an alternate winner.

After you received the book:

If you are so inclined, I’d love to hear how to like it.
You can let me know via comment, or contact me via e-mail, or by posting about the book and coming back and here letting me know about it.