Congratulations Joy for winning FREE 44: Man In Control by Diana Palmer. Diana Palmer will always have a special place in my heart. She writes sweet stories that I read in my teens and pre-teens. I still read her to this day, and even re-read her older books. I think my favorite re-read is Emmett. There’s just something really funny and sweet about this guy. I just love the Long, Tall, Texan series. I think I said that already. :)

What is your favorite Diana Palmer book? Or your favorite book that you keep because you just want to keep it?


The Third Heiress
by Brenda Joyce
Mass Market Paperback
Published in 2000
ISBN-10: 0-312-97419-1
500 pages

This is an retired library book I bought on a book sale/fundraiser. It’s a good book to read. I don’t know if it’s fun. I was on the edge of my seat half the time, and muttering to myself some of it. Brenda Joyce has that Affair Series. I had started to read it, then we moved and I haven’t unpacked my ’series’ book from my old shelf. I’ve already filled up my shelves with new books I got since then. Want to know about my busy Friday-Saturday starting with waking up late?

From the back cover:
  When Jill Gallagher’s fiancé is tragically killed, she brings his body home to his aristocratic English family. Once there, she enters a world of hostility, suspicion, and closely guarded secrets. Then she finds an old photograph of an American heiress named Kate Gallagher who looks remarkably like herself—and who disappeared nearly a century ago. What legacy of scandal has she unearthed? Who is so desperate to stop her? And can she trust the enigmatic man who may be her greatest ally…or her most dangerous foe? The Third Heiress is Brenda Joyce at her most powerful and suspenseful best.


Congratulations to PammieDoodle for winning FREE 43: Crazy For You by Jennifer Crusie! Please contact me and send your mailing address so I can send your book. I can’t wait to hear wha you think about this book. I enjoyed it, but it’s got a little bit more than laughs for a Crusie book.


Jill ShalvisOut Of The Blue (The Wrong Bed) (Harlequin Temptation)
by Jill Shalvis
Published in 2000
ISBN-10: 0-373-25904-2
216 pages

We just got back from watching Wanted, the movie with James McAvoy. It was thrilling, it was action-packed, it was sexy, and it has a story. I love it! Now, I just wanted to grab the Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVDs along with Assassin with Olyphant, and Transporter. I’m going on a binge!

What movies have you seen lately? Did you enjoy it?

Back cover:

For Hannah Novak, running a bed-and-breakfast with her two best friends was adventure enough. But they didn’t feel that way. They wanted to devote the summer to serious manhunting-loser cleans toilets! Fine for them, but Hannah was, uh…inexperienced. How could she seduce anyone?

The out of the blue came Zach Thomas, looking for a bed…and breakfast. Hannah had always thought the rugged cop was the sexiest man alive, and, bet or no bet, she wanted him. So she checked him in-to her own room-with every intention of checking him out.