Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thursday Thirteen on Books

I thought I'd join Thursday Thirteen by listing the top 13 FREE kindle e-books right now. Either search for it by title, or click on the link.  I downloaded two.  Number five sounded interesting to me and also number twelve.

1. Liquid Lies (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense)by Lois Lavrisa 
2. Blueblood (Marty Singer Mystery #2) by Matthew Iden
3. The Shekinah Legacy (A Charlotte Ansari Thriller)by Gary Lindberg
4. THE WAR BRIDE CLUB by Soraya Lane
5. The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister)by Courtney Milan
6. Submerged by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
7. Abandoned Ship: An intimate account of the Costa Concordia shipwreck by Benji Smith
8. A Storm Hits Valparaiso by David Gaughran
9. Cross My Heart (A Contemporary Romance Novel)by Abigail Strom
10. Sea Scoundrel (Knave of Hearts, Bk 1)by Annette Blair
11. Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery by Monique Martin
12. Magic of Public Speaking: A Complete System to Become a World Class Speaker by Andrii Sedniev
13. The Maintenance Man Collector's Edition by Michael Baisden


  1. Am I the only person whose eyes start to glaze over at the thought of (free) books? *G* Thanks for visiting!

  2. I confess I don't get the free books thing. The writers worked hard, they should be *paid*.

    1. I think they put the books out like advertising. I know that when I get a book from kindle free that I like, I ended up buying their old copies. It's like a library, but more accessible to e-readers with their gadgets.

  3. Great list! I definitely must have that Courtney Milan book. Thank you for the heads up! Happy Thursday!

  4. I read Number 5 and liked it. I'll check out some of the others. Thanks.

    13 reasons to evacuate a castle

  5. Oh, very cool. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had a Kindle. :)