Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The NEXT-Book for Free

My husband thought of a new game we could play. The prize is the author's next new release book (valued up to 25 dollars). If your favorite author doesn't have a scheduled new release, you can wait til she has one, or write about the author who's about to release a new book.

How to Play:
1. Blog about a book written by one of your favorite authors. Tell us why you like it, what's good about it, and your favorite parts. Make sure to post my button/banner in the post, or mention about this game in your post.

2. If you have no blog, you can post about it in a bulletin/message board of your choice.

3. Mention this site at

4. Paste one of my buttons from the sidebar. (if you have questions about pasting buttons, please e-mail me at thisbookforfree [at] gmail [dot] com. It's also in my sidebar)

5. Leave your comment here with a link to your specific post to be eligible to win.

6. You can post more than once, about different authors, if you have more than one blog. (But only one blog post per blog).

Drawing will be on May 23, 2008, Friday.


  1. Hi - I've just found your site thanks to Dewey at The Hidden Side of the Leaf - are your contests open to readers in the UK or just the US?

  2. I posted about this contest over on my blog at